My son’s letter

Dear son,

Mummy is choosing this letter as your memories, you would love to read this letter when you start to know writing and reading. Actually i never thought of this, i saw my aunt writing letter for her daughter everyday and it really mesmerized me. It was so beautifully written and i found it very precious. I am going to scribble down each and every moment into words and when you grow up you will like it very much.  

It was very cold in the morning and your mummy felt very restless and didn’t want to wake up but you were too active and wanted to wake up. You wanted to eat dal ( it was cooked for last night’s dinner), you didn’t want to eat because you commented “mummy dal shim pu mala”(meaning dal is not tasty). However i was getting late for the office i could not serve you dal but i clearly reminded your azem to serve you. i hope you must have filled your tummy by now.

You nag around me saying “mummmy office ma de na” and when i say i need to go, you quickly run towards the bedroom and shout “mummy lek pu mala” meaning i don’t like you. Really it feels too good to be a mother and i can’t believe that you are growing too fast. It was like yesterday that me and your daddy ran to and fro looking for baby sitters and now today you are three years and fifteen days old, you understand everything and you make a good companion for me.

Its 4:27pm and mummy is still in the office sitting before computer and writing this note. I know you must be playing with your Azem at this time and may be getting spank from her. I know i spank and scold you everyday but baby this is for your own good, i don’t want you to be grown up as a pampered and bad son. Mummy loves you lot. I know you miss your dad too and you want us to be together and i know you don’t know how to say it. Baby,mummy is staying away from your dad because mummy don’t want your dad to suffer. I mean if mummy don’t work then your dad have to do over time and work very hard to earn a bread for us, so that’s why mummy is staying away from your dad. But let you know baby that i love your dad so much and he loves me too, so don’t feel bad. I am sure when you read this letter we all must be together.(pray for our togetherness, darling).

I always say that life is uncertain, so we should always pray and accumulate good merits for our afterlife. Who knows mummy may not be there when you read this letter, so my dear son don’t forget to pray  to the god.

Baby, its time to go home and mummy is leaving with your best aunt Pema. I always pray for your safety and your well being dear. Mummy will write more tomorrow and till then love you baby.

With Love,




Short note to my dear husband.

Dear Righden’s apa,Image

Let me start this note with this three magical words ” I LOVE YOU”.

I always dreamed of being with you everyday. I could not even go away for a few days leaving you behind because we were addicted to be together. We walked together, ate together and dreamed together. Hardly did i know that life have planned differently for us, the departure was awaiting us. I cried day and night thinking of living without you, it was a painful moment for us. If i have decided to be with you i could see how you struggle to earn a bread for us and it is painful for me to watch you helplessly. I know love is not just being together, it is trust and commitment we hold for our love and marriage. Today i am away from you because i love you so much and i believe my optimistic mind would one day bring us back together and start a new life again. I might not say i miss you everyday but don’t forget that i always miss you every time. I miss you more than everything, sometimes i even forget to breathe when i think of you. I love you and i miss you so much.