Short note to my dear husband.

Dear Righden’s apa,Image

Let me start this note with this three magical words ” I LOVE YOU”.

I always dreamed of being with you everyday. I could not even go away for a few days leaving you behind because we were addicted to be together. We walked together, ate together and dreamed together. Hardly did i know that life have planned differently for us, the departure was awaiting us. I cried day and night thinking of living without you, it was a painful moment for us. If i have decided to be with you i could see how you struggle to earn a bread for us and it is painful for me to watch you helplessly. I know love is not just being together, it is trust and commitment we hold for our love and marriage. Today i am away from you because i love you so much and i believe my optimistic mind would one day bring us back together and start a new life again. I might not say i miss you everyday but don’t forget that i always miss you every time. I miss you more than everything, sometimes i even forget to breathe when i think of you. I love you and i miss you so much.


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